Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Praktikal di depan pondok guard

Assalamualaikum and good evening! I guess this is another busy week. A usual lah. That can't be helped. I have a story here to share with all. Yesterday evening, I and Nizam went to outside UMP to search for a kedai where he can register his Maxis phone number. Before that I went to simpang Gambang to minum-minum with Uteh, Along and Ammar. We minum-minum there till almost 6 pm. Then, we went back to UMP. Ammar dropped me at the guard house and I ride my bike to go to masjid to soalt. After solat, Ayie arrived at the masjid with Alang's car. After that, I send him back to his house at Block F and then I went to my house at Block G to picked up Nizam. The story begin here.

We start our journey with bismillah. I drive the car all the way to the main gate. As soon as we passed the main gate, I heard a weird sound comng from the right back tyre. Ktung! Ktang! Ktung! Ktang! I slow down the car and drove the car to the side. I asked Nizam to go check it out first. Nizam went out from the car and look the tyre. And he surprised to found that a penyendal pintu was pinched at the tyre. I also went out to see what happen. Aiyoyo. The next thing I do was I opened the car bonet to find the spare tyre. I though Alang didn't have one cause the first time I checked the bonet there wasn't. The tyre was deep under the speaker there. Aiya. I called Uteh before that to tell him that Alang's car tyre was punctured. And I tell him Alang didn't have a spare tyre. Haha. ;P And then I korek the bonet to search for necessities. Not long after that, Uteh arrived at the event place. Next, we bring out the tyre. Then we untight the tyre nuts. While doing that, I went to the main gate's guard house to borrow the car jack.

After we finish untight the tyre nuts, Uteh jack the car manually. It's easy to jack if we have the hidraulic one. Hehe. After the car was jacked, we took out the punctured tyre and replaced it ith the spare tyre. Next thing we do was to tighten back the nuts. And the process took us about 20 minutes like that. After all settled, we pack up everyting, put back all things into the bonet and continue our journey. We thanked Uteh for the help. ;) Now we experienced how to change tyre even though we know how to do. Experience and knowing is 2 different things right? Experience is more meaningful than just knowing but first check your niat & purpose, okay! That's all lah. Peace!;)


mocQachinno said...

how did the 'penyendal pintu' get from the 'pintu' to the tyre? hehe..
bro, thanx for the vid of asmaul husna aritu. n nice pic of UMP you got on your post too..

Suburbanzero said...

ha..that's the case la...
i also donno how the penyendal pintu get stuck at the tyre la..
i have more pics of UMP..
if u wanna some just tell me lah okey

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