Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Bengkel eXpoconvo a.k.a TEST'08 v2...cont

Assalamualaikum and Good Day! :) Today is the 3rd day of eXpoconvo workshop a.k.a TEST'08 v2. Now is the recess time actually and most of the secretariats are eating at the empty area outside of the DKU. I also wanted to go eat there but I wait a bit lah coz still not really hungry. I've eaten bihun just after the rehearsal of eXpoconvo'08 opening & closing ceremony. The rehearsel was attended by the Pengerusi of eXpoconvo'08, Mr. Azmi, En. Ghazali (last year's Pengerusi), Abg Wan and one other staff but I don't know his name. Jangan mara haa.. ;) I think that's la the staff. Actually, we wanted to get feedback from Abg Wan n En. Ghazali about the flow of the ceremony cause they are the otai ones regarding event's protocol. So after the rehearsel, they commented lah. I heard what were they commented but I don't remember. Cause I'm doing my work while listening to music. Hehe ;P But I'm sure that others understand what to do to improve the ceremony flow. I think that's all. I want to eat first la. Ok. Peace!

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