Friday, August 01, 2008

MPP dan Dato' NC

Assalamualaikum and Hello World! It's August now. I feel the time is running fast. Really, really fast. Huhu.. And the semester is entering week 5. Whoa! Really fast meh... Well, whatever happens life must be go on. There are so many things that we will face in the future. Only those who are strong inside will survive. InsyaAllah.

On 1st August 2008, 11.15 am like that at Senate Meeting Room, Chancellery, we(MPP UMP) have had a meeting with our VC; it's a close meeting actually. Hee.. I arrived at the Chancellery at 11 am like that. I thought I was the last to arrive. Actually, I wasn't. Andak was. ;P Then we took our seat and Alang do some setting on his laptop to project the presentation slide that was made the night before. And then some technical problem occur while setting those thingy. It's all right at last. Alhamdulillah.

Not long after that, our VC arrived. And then we(the gentlemens) shake hands with him while introduce our name to him briefly. After that, we started the meeting with an opening words from VC. He would like to see through our vision and mission and other related things that describe us(MPP). After that, Alang made the starting words as the representative of MPP. Firstly, he introduce our us to VC. With our name and portfolio in MPP. When Alang introduce my name, our VC seems to be surprised cause my name is very long. Hehe. He thought his name is the longest. ;) You wanna know one thing? My name was given by my mother. Hehe. Long name means big responsibility. Well, let's continue. Next, Alang present to VC our vision, mission, motto, the MPP Strategic Planning and the statistics from recent survey that have been made.

After that, we watched a multimedia presentation about current issues in UMP; 2 current issues. The multimedia presentation was made by me. ;P The VC watched with full concentration. After finish wathcing, VC wanted each of us; the Committee Chairman (Pengerusi Jawatankuasa) to briefly tell him what is our job scope and responsibility. And also the Senator role in MPP. Lastly, VC introduce himself briefly. Then, VC commented on MPP of UMP based on the vision, mission and all others that have been presented earlier by Alang. And VC shows that he was impressive with MPP, the vision, mission and others that we have.

In his comment, he wanted us to provide our own leadership. By means, even though we are not as MPP, we still have that quality of leadership which will help drive us to went through life. He also advices us that to deliver the voice of students with a respectful manner. Means no heart feeling while delivering out the student's voice. This is to show up our intellectualisme and maturity. VC also suggested us to have a good connections with our counterpart from other universities. From there, we can always compare with them to improve ours. While reviewing our motto, VC gave us 3 motto for our motto; strategise. The 3 motto are "you must be known","you must be heard" and "you must be seen". We also must have our own opinion and own stand which we already have. :) And lastly, VC advices us to prepare for more. Well, in the world of borderless, anything could happen. Am I right?

The meeting finished about 12.45 pm like that. I can't recall the exact time. Hehe. Next, we have a photography session with VC and our university's top management. And after finish photography session, the lunch agenda. :) Actually, I was very hungry that time. Hehe. Our lunch was joined by the top management people also. En Ghazali also joined the lunch. The meal was nasi minyak. Really delicious meh.. Our table was the cleanest table. You know why? Cause the rice, the chicken, the orange juice all finished. Licin. Haha. ;P After all finish eating, about 1 pm like that we make our move to solat Jumaat. And that's the end of our story. ;) Thank you for viewing! Peace!

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