Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Dedah atau Dadah???

Assalamualaikum ya'll! I'm back again for another post. Actually I've just finish publish the recent post. About the IHL SRC Convention 2008 of course. ;) I attended a forum named "Dedah atau Dadah?" The forum sounds interesting. Actually, the forum was in conjunction with Minggu Belia Benci Dadah (MBBD) that was organized by PEMADAM with cooperation from National Anti Drugs Agency (AADK). The forum was moderated by Abg Wan. I'm just surprised at first when I entered the DKU and saw Abg Wan as the moderator. Hehe. Yesterday he asked me how was he when he moderated the forum. I told him OK lah(it means good, great, not bad from my definition lah. my answer always like this...hehe) plus the killer question that he asked. You know, killer question is ain't easy to answer. The panel that night was Dr Abdul Manam bin Mohamad from UDM and well-known Mohd Suhaimi bin Saad, a nasyeed singer, the ex-Inteam member too. I've seen Dr. Manam here at UMP before but I don't remember when. But I know he have come to UMP once. Mr Suhaimi was in same lecture with Abg Wan when he was still studying at UIA. Kire diorang ni member lame la ni. ;) A group of student (all girls I guess...hehe) from KIPSAS also joined to watch the forum and Mr Suhaimi's wife & baby also was here that night.

The forum started at 9 pm like that. Cause by the time I entered the DKU, the question wasn't asked yet to the panel. Hehe. The forum discussed about drugs; from the point of view of Islam, the long term and short term effect, why people take drugs, how they get the drugs, modern drugs vs traditional drugs, drugs usage by the professionals, how to treat the drug addicts and others that related. The forum was held in 3 rounds if I'm not mistaken. The 1st round, 2nd round and the conclusion. Usually like that lah as far as I know. Abg Wan asked and the panel answered. The question also asked to the people at the floor. The lucky one was Alang. Cause he is the YDP. Hehe. I don't remember the question but it's something related to student's leader, about how was the issues was tackled by them. Something like that lah. Alang answered the question well. Relak je, sempoii... Hehe. Then, Abg Wan called upon the AADK officer (I can't recall the name and position) to asked questions regarding the issues also.

Then, the forum was opened to the floor to ask questions. And there were about 7 or 9 questions total that asked by the floor. The panel answered the question and conclude the forum also. Sekali jalan la senang ye x? Cause it's quite late at that time when came to the conclusion. After finish forum, Mr Suhaimi entertained the floor with one song. I also can't recall what was the song name but it's sedap didengar lah :) And I've recorded it with my camera. ;P Kalo nak mintak la ek. Hehe. After that, like usual lah. Cenderahati giving to the panels and moderator as the gift of apreciation from UMP. After that click, click some photos and then went back to da room la. That's the end of it. ;) Peace!


nOuGAt said...

lbh baik dedah dr dadah...
haha xD

Suburbanzero said...

apo2 jo la ekau...

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