Saturday, July 05, 2008

MINDS 2008

Assalamualaikum and good day! It's been 5 days I haven't write anything here. I am busy with the orientation week or here, we called it Minggu Induksi Siswa (MINDS). This is the 7th edition of MINDS in UMP including the KUKTEM time la. And this is my second time being the facilitator for MINDS. Last time was MINDS 2007. This year MINDS have created histories compared to last year. This is according to Abg Wan. And it's true. The number of this year facilitator was the fewest from all MINDS that been held. The number of intake also increased at about 50% from last year. Student intake for my faculty also reaching 400 students. That's quite a big number. Above all, I'm satisfied with this year MINDS because even though the facilitator is few, they managed to handle almost 1600 new students. Congratulations! And this year facilitator was not like the oldies facilitator. Their styles, their characteristics. Not much to say, that's all lah. Hehe. :)


fanieka said...

mmg ade benda yg perlu d banggakan pd MINDS kali ni
tapi personally
xsuke minds kali nih
sbb adek2 terlalu d manjakan sehingga memijak kepala
juz an opinion

mocQachinno said...

fasi2 MINDS mmg x dnafikan best sbb x bg pressure pd students. klu ada pn sebab fasi2 pnat. kami faham. as one of the first year students yg join MINDS tu, sy nk minta maaf bg pihak student2 first year. x dnafikan gk ada yg 'over' n 'manja'. tp for the rest, kami cuma penat n mungkin dr situ dtgnya tekanan. mungkin sebab masa yang agk singkat dan aktiviti yang byk smpai students n fasi2 kene berlari berkejaran. apa2 pn in the end smuanya hepi2 je. thanx fasi2!

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