Saturday, July 19, 2008

Post aku yg ke-100!!!!

Assalamualaikum & good day all! :D I'm proudly present to you, my 100th posts. Hehe. It's been a year I'm using Blogger as my blog. Thanks Blogger. ;) Yesterday morning, I'm writing about whats happened to me this week. Now, I'm telling ya what have I done yesterday. Haha. Just read till the end okay. I was at Kuantan. I did mention right in my previous post? I went out to wait for bus at 9.40 am like that. Wearing my new Spain jersey that I bought from Padang Besar last week (jangan jeles tau, bau kedai lagi tuu...hehe). As I arrived at the bus stop near the guard post, I saw Andak. I wonder where is he going? So, I asked him la. Owh, he also going to Kuantan but for different purpose. He's going because expoconvo. He went with another 3 expoconvo peeps also. They went there by university's vehicle.

And then I got this idea. Hehe. You know what? I'm going to tumpang them la. Heee... Jangan mare.. ;P And my wish was fullfilled =) Not only me. But Ucu also. Ish3. Nakai 2 orang ni. Hurm. So, we went to Kuantan with that vehicle lah. Then we arrived at 11 am like that. 1stly, we went to Kamdar. At Kamdar, actually I don't want to buy anything. But, there was this batik that attract me. I tried the batik and it suits me! And then, I called the kakak that worked there to take for me the batik that I wanted from their stock. Eventually, the batik was out of stock (the size that I asked for lah...). The one that available was that pattern also only different colour. X suke, xsuke...huhu. It's ok. Next time I'll come again to buy. And nothing was achieved there. Ucu achieved new tali pinggang. Haha.

Next station was the Megamall. ;) We walked from Kamdar you know. As soon as we arrived, of course la we withdraw the money first right. If not we can't buy anything la right. Hehe. Today, everything needs money. Haiya. I don't understand la. Hurm. After that, we went to the behind of Megamall building. I don't remember la the name. Hehe. The place is like Low Yat la; a bit. There, they sold PCs, laptops, CDs, DVDs and other computer thingy. You know what. At there, I surveyed the external hard disks. The 500GB one. Not all shops there have 500GB. Most shops only have 320GB; the high one la. I also surveyed the 160GB. Until I found this shop, they sold at the cheapest price there. If Low Yat maybe I can get more cheaper. Hehe. Without further a due, I bought the 160GB external hard disk cause it's the cheapest there. The price was RM210. I asked the kedaiman if I can buy it for RM200 only. But I can't cause he said that the less he can give. OK lah. Fine. I buy it. ;) I achieved 160GB external hard disk. Yay! Then, I search for refill ink for my printer. My black ink eventually out of stock. So, I have to buy one. Not one, but two. I bought 2 black ink and one coloured ink. That costs RM54. I achieved another thing, the refill ink. ;)

The story didn't end here. Ade lagi... Next we went back inside Megamall. Ucu wanted to go to the Popular bookstore. I just followed him. He looked for the novels. I don't read novels. ;P Very thick woo novel. Hehe. I'm just looking around for some political books. There was one named Political Tsunami that catches my eyes. Maybe I'll buy it next time. InsyaAllah. From Popular, we went to the Guardian for a while. I bought strong hold gel. Hehe. Tomorrow konfem rambut keras. ;P After that, we feel very hungry.'s time to makan. Guess where we went. It's Pizza Hut. Wee...Teringat Cikma lak. Aiya. We eat the meal set that have two pizzas; one is stuffed crust and another one is not. When the food is served, we eat 'em all. ;D After eating, we went to the Cold Storage to search for Achik's bawang. After surveyed the bawang, Ucu said better we go to Kuantan Parade. Better choice for bawang la. Hehe. But, I don't leave the cold storage with an empty hands. I bought the shoes Kiwi and Kiwi Fresh Force. Next, we move on to Maidin because ucu need to find his A4 paper and other things there.

At Maidin, I only bought Energizer AA batteries. The rechargable one. I have to que up very long only to buy just one thing. Hehe. Janji dapat beli. ;P Maidin was soooo crowded with people. As usual lah right. Not long after that, Ucu also que up to pay for the things that he buy. I also buy the needle and thread. To jahit my seluar and baju. ;) But, Ucu pay it for me lah. Kui3...

Next destination was Kuantan Parade. At KP, our mission was only to buy bawang besar and bawang putih. Actually, Achik's bawang not me lah. Hehe. We bought the bawang at The Store at KP. After we bought the bawang, we went to surau that situated near KP to solat. After we finish solat, we went directly to the bus station to take bus and go back to UMP. Finally, I can go back. Yezza! And that's the end of it. Peace! :)


alia said...

waa ure an active blogger, man..
i envy you teehee

Suburbanzero said...

don't la envy me alia
u too can be a blogger

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