Thursday, July 24, 2008

Perasmian Soft Skills 2

Assalamualaikum... Halo! Hi! Today is another tiring day. Phew! I got class later at 4 pm. Mandarin class. ;) And actually I and other mpp family will have meeting at 5 pm. Maybe I'll come a bit late cause have class lorr. Hehe. Yesterday, an opening ceremony was held. It's the Soft Skills opening ceremony. It's was officiated by the Director of Academic Management Division, Mr. Jamal Rizal bin Razali. After the ceremony, a talk was held. The talk was made by Ustaz Badli Shah Alaudin, the Kadi of Temerloh titled Towering Personality. In his talk, he categorized students into 4 categories. He also discussed about 4 elements of soft skills; discipline, skills, communication, and teamworking. I felt very sleepy you know. But ustaz managed to lighten up the hot evening with his jokes. Hehe. Lawak gak ustaz ni. ;P He also gave us tips how to communicate well; importantly is our voice tone level. That's the hard part though. Well, get to go now. Hehe. That's all. Peace! :)


Zery said...

Jamil, ko blom jawab survey aku!



ala...ak x aktif sgt pn...x cm ko..da 100 poast da..hehe...ko ni x abs2...yela2,nnt ak blanje la...hee

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