Saturday, July 19, 2008

History in the making

Assalamualaikum all! :) Today is Saturday. I've just had my breakfast accompanied by Chot, Taqi and Suffi. They have kawad this morning with the kor suksis. I used to kawad when I was in the primary school. That time I was with the boy scout. Hehe. When I got into my secondary school I didn't involve anymore in boy scout. Last time I kawad was when I'm in my 1st semester 1st year here at UMP (that time was KUKTEM). Well, it's actually the bridget siswa which are compulsary to all new comers of UMP. The course did count in my academic evaluation though. ;)

My PSM was on da way. Last Thursday I met my supervisor, Dr. Noraziah with Tito. I saw tito bring the hardcopy draft for the 1st chapter. Eventually, I was not able to produce the hardcopy of my draf because I haven't finish typing the draft. Hehe. But we discuss based on the proposal form of mine that she have. There's some part that I have to worked out more especially how to determine the correctness of my system output. And it's involve the protocol. Yesterday I've done my homework to search for information regarding my PSM. Chaiyok, Chaiyok!(for me...hehe)

This week was a week of history for me because I was selected by the faculty to attend an interview with a multinational company, Intel Corp. :) The interview was on Wednesday, 16th July 2008. I was among the 30 candidates that have been chosen. And I was the 3rd candidate that day. That day, I wore lounge suit. Look smart ey? ;) I arrived at the interview place 30 minutes before the interview session started. I guess that's too early right? Hehe. Then I waited for other candidates and the interviewer. When it's my turn, I walked into the interview room confidently. Of course, we must be confident but don't over confident lah. Hehe. The 1st question asked was about myself. Then he asked me whether I'm willing to travel there to work for them. You know the answer. ;) And I did mention about my tour to the North last week. That's for the intro. After that, the questions is mostly based on soft skills and problem solving. I manage to answer all the question even though there are some lacking of answers. And some times I forget the words in English. Aiya. ;) Alhamdulillah, the interview was going well. I strongly suggest whoever have not yet being interviewed, be prepared especially with your English cause mostly now the interview is in English. That's my experience.

Okay, I'll stop writing here. See you in next post. I'm going to Kuantan. Want to buy my refill ink and other things. Wassalam... ;)

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