Monday, July 14, 2008

Going North...

Assalamualaikum and good day! It's good to be back at UMP. I just arrived here this morning at 3 am(14 July 2008) in the morning like that. I'm still feel tired even though I slept all the way in the bus while going back to UMP last night. ;P I was with a delegation of UMP students - MPP and academic association's students leader. We were going for an academic visit or a tour to the northern region universities - UniMAP, UUM and USM. We depart from UMP on Friday night at about 10 pm like that. The journey took us about 10 hours and it's really tiring.

Our 1st destination was UniMAP; Wang Ulu residential, Perlis. We arrived there at about 9 am like that. We were welcomed by their MPP. 1st agenda there was breakfast. Haha. Hungry la beb. Not yet breakfast. ;) After breakfast, the UniMAP peps took us to thier Teaching Factory. I can't recall the name of that place but that place are their lab. Similarly to UMP but their lab is smaller than ours la. After that, they took us to the Seberang Ramai campus. FYI, their main campus is on the way a.k.a under construction. :) At Seberang Ramai, we have a little discussion regarding UniMAP and UMP. We exchanged information about faculties, facilities, academics and others. At 2 pm like that, we were going back to the Wang Ulu residential to have our lunch and break. After the break, we went to Padang Besar. Hehe. What is so special about Padang Besar? Your guess? ;) Shopping of course. I grabbed myself 2 jerseys(Real Madrid & Spain), a t-shirt with Thailand flag printed on it and a black corporate jacket. What's the total price? Can you guess? Hehe. The total was RM97 only. Cheap right?

Our next destination was UUM which was situated in Sintok, Kedah. We arrived there at almost 7 pm. Our arrival was welcomed by their MPP. As soon as we arrived, their MPP took us around the UUM campus. Their campus area was large. One thing that attracted me was their residential name. They were took after the name of corporate company like Sime Darby, Bank Rakyat, Petronas and others. PLKN camp was also in that campus. They have golf course, and go-kart track also. ;) After going around the campus, we went to their residential that situated in Bukit Kachi. We logged in there for a night. Their residential there was also like ours; 4 storey flat. Hehe. But the room can occupy 2 students only la. Their residential was fully wireless. I thought they have wired also. Cause I bring along my LAN cable. Hehe. Nevermind. Later that night, we have a dialog with their MPP while other's(the academic association's students leader) were having a program with their college representative(at UMP is called JPK). Our dialog was about MPP mission and vision, expoconvo and students affairs. Our dialog finished at 12 am. Wow. 2 days of dialog. Hehe. ;P After that, we gone back to Bukit Kachi residential to sleep.

The next morning, we logged out from the residential at 7.30pm(that's me..hehe). After all of us have gathered, we departed to our 3rd destination; USM. We went to both campus; engineering campus at Nibong Tebal and the main campus at Penang Island. 1st we went to the engineering campus. Our arrival was welcomed by their MPP also. After that we have a short discussion regarding expoconvo before we depart to the main campus. Before going to the main campus, the engineering campus' MPP took us around to look around the campus. The campus is not so big but is bigger that ours laj. Hehe. Then we were heading to the main campus. Before reaching the main campus, we have to go through the Penang Bridge 1st. Hehe. Of course lah right. The main campus is of USM was also quite big. Their residential college was name with Desasiswa. Example Desasiswa Indah Kembara, Desasiswa Jaya and others. Our arrival there was welcomed by their main campus' MPP. We stopped by at their MPP office to look around. After a while, we were took by their MPP to going around the campus by bus. The Penang bridge can be seen from their admin building that was situated on top of the hill. ;) Just before we went back to the engineering campus to send back the engineering campus' MPP that followed us, we stopped ny the USM main campus' masjid to pray and ate at the Kayu Nasi Kandar at the Auto City, Seberang Prai. I ate nasi kandar. Very delicious! Hehe. After sending them back, we went back to UMP. We arrived at UMP at 3 am the next day and that's the end of our tour. Thank you for reading. Peace! :)

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joshua said...

Loved it.


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