Saturday, August 23, 2008

eXpoconvo' 1

Assalamualaikum and goody day! ;) Alhamdulillah, our 1st day of eXpoconvo'08 was closing its curtain at 10.00 pm like that, last night. I could say that I'm happy with the first day but there're also something that I just found it something wrong somewhere. It is only my point of view. First about the exhibitor's booth. This year, we have 2 types or clusters of exhibition place. That's booth for invention competition and booth for agencies (government or NGO). Atrium 1 was made for the invention competition while Atrium 2 was the other one. The booth for invention competition closed earlier than the booth that placed at Atrium 2. The booth at Atrium 1 closed earlier than the booth at Atrium 2. When there are performance at the stage in front of the Atrium, I could feel something wrong la. Well, just my thought. Hehe.
The event was officiated by Y.H. Dato' Abd Aziz bin Abdul Rahman, UMP's LPU members. I heard he was the MB for Pahang last time la. The official ceremony was also joined by our VC, Y.H. Prof. Dato' Dr Daing Nasir and the university's top management peeps. After the ceremony, Dato' Aziz was guided by our protocol peeps to walk around to watch the innovation booth that was opened there. Last night there was performance by two group. One was from Unggultori and one was from Imtiyaz.

The performance was watched mostly by eXpoconvo secretariat themselves. But the performance deliverable was very good I tell you lah. I like both performance. The last one I can't hear it well cause I'm busy with taking candid pictures of the secretariat. I took their photos while they are doing something else or nothing or doing other thing. Hehe. I like to take candid pictures. Hehe. Almost all day I'm with the camera to take pictures. Macam biase arr kan. Hehe. It's okay. I like it. ;) Overall, I could say it "Great! Keep up good work." :) Well, I think I have nothing to say anymore. That's all. Next post will be coming out tomorrow. Hehe. Peace! :)

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