Tuesday, August 12, 2008

eXpoconvo'08 dah dekat!!!

Assalamualaikum and holla! You wanna know something? eXpoconvo'08 is just around da corner. Still have work need to be done. As for my division, the program book. Just now, this morning I went to JHEPA to discuss about the final draft of the book. The discussion was joined by me myself, En.Azmi, En.Nazri and Ammar. We started the discussion at about 9.45 am beginning from the front page till the end page. We finish at 2 pm like that. That's a time we spent to repair, modify, touch up the book. And the results, we managed to reduce the book by two pages. I repaired the book on the spot as we going through the discussion. I'm satisfied with the discussion but still not yet satisfied coz the book is not published as hard copy; the real program book. ;P Well, maybe tomorrow En.Nazri will bring the softcopy to give to the contractor whom going to print the book. Other division is still on going their duty so that this eXpoconvo will run without any major problems. I hope all will goes well. InsyaAllah.

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