Sunday, August 17, 2008

UMP ku kosong~

Assalamualaikum again! Haiya, the holiday was on. The students were gone. I'm still here waiting for this weekend's event to be on. KK1 and KK3 peeps (mostly 1st year students) have gone back to their hometown. It's okay, they're still 1st year. I was a 1st year student. ;) When the time has come, they'll also be here like me. I mean when it's holiday time la. KK2 still have sudent and mostly the eXpoconvo peeps la. They have to be here to set up last preparation. But serious, UMP is empty lah now. Hehe. I'm expecting the students will be back here earliest on Saturday. Usually like that la. But Friday also sometime they've alrealdy here. So...for those who are now holiday-ing, Happy Holiday! ;) For those who are holiday but still at UMP, Happy Holi-Working Day! Hehe. Peace!

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