Sunday, August 17, 2008

Malam tadi sape dengar Pahang FM?

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- Martin Luther King, Jr. -

Assalamualaikum once again! Wahh...I can't sleep la. Maybe this is the effect of last night. You wanna know what happened? Let's read through. ;) Last night, after Isya' pray I, Alang and Ucu went out to eat outside. The eating place was not far, just near the tasik Gambang there. Gambang also got tasik you know. Hehe. Don't believe ah? Come and see for yourself la. ;) Okay. We went there by car, Alang's car. As soon as we arrive, we observed the place first and see where we can eat cause there are some stalls. I think 5 stalls there but not all open. After that, we decided to eat at stall number 4. There, I saw people fishing. I think I saw UMP peeps also fishing there if I'm not mistaken lah. Hehe. As we decided to eat at stall number 4, we took our seat. I also saw Kamal PC (he was eXpoconvo'07 PC SUB...ol timer la ni) and gang. Zul(former Logistic member in MINDS 2007) was also there.

Not long after that, the akak who was wearing the red shirt and jeans took our order. I ordered nasik goreng kampung plus telur mata kobau and mocha ice blended(both is my fav! Hehe). Alang and ucu ordered the same meal(nasik goreng padprik) but diferent drinks (ice blended also..fruit one) la. While waiting for our meal to be delivered, we chit chat first la. Last night, Ayie, Ammar and En. Arman was on air. We thought we wanted to hear them live there but Alang can't find the frequency. Hehe. It's ok la. Still early cause they'll be airing at 10 pm.

Not long after that, our meal is delivered. But our blended still not arrive. ;) It's ok la. We eat first. Then, the akak came and tell us that their (Alang & Ucu) drinks was unavailable. That makes them ordered ice blended cappucino (Alang) and ice blended mocha (Ucu). Not long after that, our ice blended delivered. We eat till about 10.15 like that. Then, we finished our ice blended. It's really worth it you know. The ice blended is good! Alang said like the Starbucks one even he never gone there. That what he said la. Hehe. But, seriously the ice blended mocha and cappucino is good. *Thumbs up* I recommended ya'll to go to that place lah. ;)

I finished my mocha first. Cause you know, I eat really fast you know. As I've finished my ice blended, Alang's cappucino still have about 3rd quarter glass and Ucu's mocha was almost half finish. wanna know? Alang gave me his cappucino to finish it. Wah. I'm accepting it on reason not to waste it. Cappucino tuu...Hehe. So, I finished it. Tak baik membazir. Next, Ucu also ask the same thing. Aiya. Xpe la. I'll finished it la. And I was. ;P After all done, we called the akak to kira(calculate the price) our meal. Then we pay and gerak back to UMP.

Before we arrive at UMP, we stopped near Masjid Sri Fajar to catch up with Pahang FM; cause of the live show lor. ;) We only heard the last 15 minutes of the conversation. Ayie seems not to talk much like Ammar and En. Arman. Maybe because we only heard the last quarter of the conversation and missed the early part. But it's good la. Their voices are heard by all people through the radio. ;) At first, we thought it's only 2 UMP-ians(Jeffry & En. Arman) that were on air that time. There goes one more voice that sounds very familiar to me. I also thinking who was that fella?'s Ammar la. Macho siot! ;P Hehe. After the Celoteh Menara Gading slot, we continue our journey went back to UMP. That's all for this post. :) Peace!


ak_0143 said...

har har har!
my name is in there!
old timer ek?
tua lak rasanya...

sejuk weh makan ais blended lepas ujan... kejang otak aku...

ammar ngn jeff on air smlm ek... napa tak gtau???
ammar punya sore mesti klakor! jeff lak mesti tak ckp pe... biasalh jeff dak skema!!!

*syhhh jgn gtau diowang aku ngumpat sini!*


RozaAyu said...

Assalamualaikum, blh bantu sy bagaimana cara utk sy dgr Pahangfm mllui internet? Terima kasih

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