Tuesday, August 26, 2008

eXpoconvo'08...day 3...final day

Assalamualaikum and good morning! :) Once again I'm writing for the 3rd day of eXpoconvo'08. The last day of the event. I woke up a bit late that morning, at 7.30am. Wah~~ Usually I wake up early. Bob called me that morning told me that Faisal wasn't arrived yet. So after I take finished taking bath and all that, I went to Faisal's room. I knocked his door about 4 times cause I called him earlier but he didn't accept that call. After that, I tried to call him again. Aiseyman... He was on the bus la. Siot arr.. Then I called Bob to tell him that Faisal's already on the but. I ride my bike quickly to the bus stop. The bus have depart. It's okay cause I know Ammar drive his car to Kuantan Parade too. Hehe. ;P So, I went there with him la. As soon as we arrive there, a short briefing about the changes of the closing ceremony was told. And that morning we have to went in the Kuantan Parade early for a quick rehearsal before the actual ceremony start. At the same time, Kids Fashion Competition also held at Atrium 2 (closing was at Atrium 1).

I assigned my team half to go to the closing ceremony while other half to help out at the fashion competition. I attended the closing ceremony for a while to see who were the VIP. Most of the morning I was at the fashion competition. The competitors were aged 9 to 12 years old if I'm not mistaken.

The kids were also very outstanding with their style while walking around the stage showing off their talent on the fashion competition. While the winners were announced, Prof. Saba, Tn. Hj. Mustafa and Prof. Abd Jalil came and watch the giving prize ceremony. After that I went to lunch and solat with Awe.

The evening session was the last session of eXpoconvo'08. That evening, Bonang the Rythm was performed by orchestra group, koir group and gamelan group. I like this one performance.

When the Mission Impossible song was played out by them. Really energatic! I was attracted by the drum solo. I wish I can do that also (I also can play drum...hehe...but I'm a beginner lah). ;) I have a chance to watch a bit of their performance cause I need to go to Atrium 2. Have some work to do. That work was taking pictures of our PE giving out certificate and souvenir to the displayer. When arrived at the Bernam booth, En. Yusmadi suggest me that if I wanted to take photography workshop, I can called them (Bernama). Then I told En. Yusmadi to suggest the same thing to Kelab Media UMP (after that En. Yusmadi went to the K-Media President, Yamin). After that, I went back to Atrium 1 to see whether the performance have finish or not. Actually, there were the last performance by the koir group before eXpoconvo'08 closed it's curtain. After that, we all packing up gather at Atrium 1. At the gathering, our PE gave his last speech at eXpoconvo'08 and said that the secratariat was the best while showing his thumbs up. ;) Than, we gather to take pictures (eXpoconvo'08) family. Alhamdulillah. Finally, eXpoconvo'08 done! Congratulations to all secretariat, MT, SUB, TSUB, JK Pelakasana and all. Peace! :) See you again in post mortem!

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