Monday, September 22, 2008

My laptop was attacked with virus named password_viewer.exe

Assalamualaikum all! Recently, I have trouble when opening the Command Prompt. At first I thought it was nothing. Until this morning, I asked Pjoy. He searched through the internet and told me that my laptop was attacked by virus. Damn that virus. I never thought that was virus. So, I searched the page that Pjoy told me and found the manual how to remove it. Here I would like to share the step, in case you might found this virus inside your PC or laptop ;P :
  1. upon start up.... after os loading... go to task manager by pressing CTRL+ALT+DEL then kill password_viewer.exe or bar311.exe or

  2. EDIT the following registry entries thru regedit at start/run

    [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Winlogon]
    "Userinit"="userinit.exe,bar311.exe" ---> remove ", bar311.exe" only... leave userinit.exe because this is used by Windows when you log-in...

    or unhide the hidden file and file extensions

    [HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Command Processor]
    "autorun"="c:\Windows\pc-off.bat" --> remove "c:\Windows\pc-off.bat" or delete the autorun key.

  3. go to your thumb drive, please use the folders view in the explorer and use the navigation panel on the left side when accessing the drives to avoid triggering the autorun... then delete autorun.inf and password_viewer.exe or bar311.exe

  4. open notepad then type what is shown below as is...

    @echo off
    del /a /f c:\Windows\bar311.exe
    del /a /f c:\Windows\password_viewer.exe
    del /a /f c:\Windows\
    del /a /f c:\Windows\pc-off.bat

    then save this as remove.bat(in the thumb drive) then click to run.... this will remove the virus...
The source of this manual you can get it here >
Computer Shuts Down when you Open up CMD (Command Prompt).

Thanks to Technology and Computer Guide. That's all for now. Chow! ;)

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Anonymous said...

Hi, Suburbanzero!

I believe that you were able to fix your issue. Hope you can help me to. I also have the same issue and I need to manually delete the virus/es because the automatic delete link gives me another type of virus.

My problem is I don't where to find thumb drive mo as instructed in instruction no. 3.

Please help.


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