Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Shuhairy's wedding

Assalamualaikum! On 31st August 2008, I and Awe went to Ampang to attend for Shuhairy's walimatul urus. We depart from UMP at 10.00am (lepas subuh ni...) and arrived at about 12.50pm. The wedding was held at Dewan Ahmad Jantan (near Tesco Ampang). Also there was the peeps of MPP 2006/2007. Ubai and wife also there. Otai-otai of UMP(Abg Najib, Abg Bash, Abg Munzir, Abg Nasrul Hadi) also attended the wedding. After seeing the pengantin, I and Awe went to makan nasik minyak. Belasah seboleh-bolehnye. Hehe. After eat, we went inside the dewan to take pic with the pengantin. That's all lah. ;)

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