Sunday, September 21, 2008

Story of the week - Buka Puasa

Assalamualaikum and a very good evening ;) It's Sunday now. Yesterday I went back to Subang Jaya and tonight I am going to go back to UMP. Just for buka puasa with my family and a short holiday. Hehe. Raya is just around the corner as you know it. For this past one week, I went to various place for buka puasa. On Monday, I and the MPP family went to Abi Saha's house (as typed in my received SMS from Awe) to buka puasa. His house wat at Sungai Isap, well, I'm don't remember the how to get there. Hehe. The buka puasa also joined by Abg Wan, Kak Ayu n geng, Kak Siti and Ust Yunan. I ate about 1 and a half pinggan of nasik + lauk-lauk. Alhamdulillah. ;) It was delicious especially the ayam masak sambal one. Alang couldn't handle it. Kuikuikui. After we buka puasa, we went to solat at surau nearby and come back again to Abi Saha's house. Then, I don't know from nowhere came a birthday cake. There'e multiple names on it. That name was for those who hasn't celebrate birthday with us yet;MPP (like previously lah...). We went back to UMP at 8.30 pm like that. It's a bit rushy because Ucu got class that night. Aisey. As the results, we raced back to UMP; Awe's car, Abg Aizat's car, Alang's car. ;P

On Saturday, I and my fellow classmate from Pn Suryanti's class (Current Issues in ICT) went buka puasa at Sinar Mesra Seafood (SMS). It's a restaurant near Shell at Gambang-Kuantan Highway there. It's my second time buka puasa there; last one was last year with e-ump management team. ;) The meal was same as last year. Alhamdulillah. We ate it for free cause Pn Suryanti belanja us. Wee~~ Jangan marah ha.. Kak Sab (ex-MPP) and Pn Suryanti's anak PA also was there with us. You wanna know one thing, I drove to go there (SMS) twice. Wanna know why? Cikma's bunch of key tercicir there at the parking lot. That's why lah. ;P

On Thursday, I went to buka puasa with fellow MPP and the previous MPP of UMP. Abg Najib, Abg Nasrul, Abg Kamarul, Pok Nik, Kak Ray, Bro Shuhairy's clan and us(MPP 07/08) was there. Main agenda is to ramah mesra with all MPP and to brief a bit about Alumni MPP. It have been 6 generation of MPP now at UMP and coming soon is 7th. Abg Najib do the briefing about the alumni. There is many benefit that we can get from this alumni association. After I think about it, my school has no alumni association. Aiseh. Before we buka puasa, we had short tahlil lead by Bro Shuhairy. At the same time, JHEPA was also having their buka puasa at the banquet hall next to the cafetaria. Alhamdulillah. The meal was fantastic! ;) Thanks for the organizer. Jasamu dikenang.

This evening I buka puasa at my father's house at Gombak. Currently, I'm at Ritz Hotel. That's why I can write this out. Hehe. That's all for this post. Roger and out! ;)

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