Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Merdeka ke-51@UMP

Assalamualaikum again! This post is for the next story. Haha. As all Malaysians know, our national was just celebrating tht 51st Independence Day a.k.a Merdeka Day. As usual, UMP also celebrating it. The countdown was done at Astaka only. That night, the venue started at 9.20pm but I came at 10.00pm like that. Still early what. Hehe. ;) But before I came to Astaka, I went up to MPP's room for a while. Andak was in the room also. Then I went to Astaka with Andak. I came and then I claim the merdeka badge and flag. Then I found Pjoy wandering around at the back of the Astaka. So I chit chat with him a bit. After that I found Uteh and ask him let's eat outside first even I know that meals were provided that night. Xpe, bagi rakyat makan. ;) Then he asked me to call Awe to ask where is he. After that, me, uteh and Andak went to wait for Awe at the bus station near the guard house. We only went outside to eat after the VIP arrived. The VIP were En.Arman, Alang and Angah. We went out to eat at about 10.40pm like that. We went to Abg Izham's stall. Actually it's his father-in-law's. 4 of us eat there plus borak-borak with Abg Izham until 11.30pm like that. After that we went back to UMP for the countdown. As soon as we came back, we walking around the Astaka to observe the students. Well, we don't want an unnecessary things to happen. Then, the countdown begin. The Merdeka shout was done by En.Arman. After 3 shouts, the national anthem was played. Then came the new Merdeka song and other national song. The event finished at about 12.15am like that. After the celebration, all students went back to their room. I went back a bit late cause following Uteh and Awe to walk around to see wether there were still have students wandering around or not. It's the end of it. Roger! ;) - Selamat Menyambut Kemerdekaan yang ke-51 -

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