Monday, September 15, 2008

Panorama Sinar Ramadhan - merakam potret indah pena Pencipta

Assalamualaikum again. Last Saturday, I joined the photography team of K-Media(I'm also members of K-Media...hehe) going around Kuantan to shoot photos. :) My camera is Sony DSC-S650. I bought it on new year last time at Low Yat Plaza. 7.2 megapixels and 3x zoom. A good photo depends on the photographer, not the camera. This is the day where I wanted to use my photography skills to shoot photos. Yeah! =) We depart from UMP at 10 am like that. Our first destination was Panching waterfalls. I never been there though. As soon as we arrived, Dayat divide us into teams. Then, he gave each team a task paper. Inside there was the tips on how to shoot a good picture. That's all I know about the task paper. Hehe. After that, we went all the way to the top to shoot photos of Panching waterfalls. We were there until 11.30 am like that. I don't remember. Then, we move on to Benteng, Kuantan.

We were there shoot photos of Kuantan view. After that, we rest and Zohor prayer at the State Masjid. We rest at the masjid until 3 pm. We then continue our journey to Tanjung Lumpur, Nelayan Village and at a beach near Teluk Chempedak. We going back to the masjid for Asar prayer at 5 pm. After that, we continue our photo shooting at the Bazaar Ramdhan which located just near the masjid there. We shhot photos and buy our food for buka puasa there. That was the last place we went before going back to UMP. That's all for this post. ;) Zrass!

additional story : As soon as I arrived at UMP, I was kidnapped by Awe and Ude. They brought me to buka puasa at Semuji Agro Resort. Eventually, we buka puasa in Awe's car first before we manage to arrived at Semuji. Hehe. ;P Chow


Dyat said...

salam jamil...
tenkiu2 join program xpdc fotografi...

slamat berpose =)

Suburbanzero said...

len kali ade amik gmbar memane lg ajak la aku
aku suka

i-sYah said...

nice pic hehe...

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