Monday, September 15, 2008

What happened last Friday?

Assalamualaikum and good day! It's monday today. Well, it's just another 3 weeks to go before the semester closing it's curtain. The time is running out but life must go on. In this post, I wanted to tell about what happened last Friday(12 September 2008). Hurm..what happened last Friday? Me and another 30 plus studnents from UMP were having buka puasa at PICC, Putrajaya. PICC is the acronym of Putrajaya International Convention Centre for those who doesn't know. The roof of it was like alien hat kind of. Hehe. We depart from UMP at 12 pm at noon like that and stopped at Maran town for Jumaat prayer. After that, we continue the journey. We arrived at PICC at 6.00 pm. Phew, almost half of the day riding the bus. KL, you know how it's like, right. ;) As soon as we arrived, we enter the PICC and were welcomed by the I don't know who, maybe the program's urusetia I guess. And we went down through the escalator and walk all the way to the hall where the buka puasa is held. I thought we were the late one to arrived but we didn't. Then, there was another urusetia told us to fill in the front row first. Okay, we took the left side seats of the hall. The hall quite, well, big. Before the event started, we like usual chit chat first, taking pictures and so on lah. Then, arrived En. Saha there with his baju melayu full suit. He claimed that is was his wedding's suit when we asked. Not long after that, the event started with a welcoming speech by the MC. Then, doa recitation and speech by Dato' Idris Haron(Deputy Minister of Institute of Higher Learning). He gave the speech until near to buka puasa. And at 7.16 pm plus minus, the Azan berkumandang. Buka puasa time. :) We ate the kurma and kuih which served on the table first. After that, we go for Maghrib prayer first before continuing to eat the 'heavy food'. I only ate the nasik minyak and all the lauk-lauk there and satay. More than that, I can't handle lah boss. Full already. Hehe. After finish eating, I went to tarawikh prayer. Isya' I've already jama'qasr with Maghrib before. The tarawikh was only 8 raka'at. Sunnah. :) After tarawikh, I've met my old friend, well, he's also MPP like me. He's the MPP of UPM named Faiz. His kampung also same as me - Bukit Ramun, but never met him there. Maybe this Raya will meet him. InsyaAllah. ;) We chit chat as we walk entering the hall. Before going back, all the UMP-ians took pictures with Dato' Idris joined with Prof. Abd Jalil. I think that's all for this post. Chow! ;)

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