Friday, October 10, 2008

Alhamdulillah...I've finished my contract

Assalamualaikum and good morning. It's sad Ramdhan that had left us all. It's the month full of barokah. Pahala rewards doubled, Lailatul Qadr, tarawikh and others. The night before the night of 1st Syawal, I perform the tarawikh with a sad feeling. I kept thinking do I have done good enough in this Ramdhan? Do I fully utilize my full strength that Allah gave me to do ibadah to Him? Can I meet the next Ramdhan? That are some of the questions that I asked myself on that night. That was my last tarawikh for this Ramdhan. I really hope to meet with the next Ramdhan. InsyaAllah.

On the night of 1st Syawal, I went to the mosque for Isya' with my cousin. After the Isya' prayer done, we altogether recite the takbir. Some people can cry if they hear this even me, but most maybe not. Yeah, maybe nowadays many people didn't really know what takbir supposed to mean. I also didn't know so much. Just what have I learned through this 21 years of life on earth.

This year, I bought myself a purple coloured baju melayu. That's what I wear on the morning of 1st Syawal. I went to solat Raya with Pak Teh, Abg Mat, Ikmal and Hakim. As soon as we arrived to the masjid, solat Raya already started. Luckily, it was the 1st rakaat. ;) After finish the solat raya, we went back. The next thing I do after going back from solat Raya was taking pictures of me. Hehe. Well, better take first before I take off the samping. The Raya Day model. ;P After that I went to eat the ketupat with kuah lodeh, ayam masak kicap and rendang. :)

At noon like that, I went to the kubur to visit my Tok Mid and Tok Mah's graveyard. Tok Mid died 2 years ago. The date was one day before I enroll to KUKTEM; now UMP. Raya was different without Tok Mid. Al-Fatihah to him. 1st day of raya, not much activity. Just sitting around inside the house. Plus not very good in condition I am. Only that evening, Mak Limah and family came with her children and grandchildren. Many of my cousin have married and msot have children. Just after Mak Limah went back to Pandan, Pak Long and Mak Long came with their big family. They stay a night there. FYI, Mak Limah and Mak Long are my mother's sisters.

2nd of October 2007, the date when I was contracted as the Students Representative Council (MPP) of UMP even though I have won it earlier. 2nd October 2008, it's been a year and now I'm out of contract as stated in the rules. Give chance to the next generation to hold the position as MPP, right? I felt a bit relieved. At last I can put all focus to my PSM. ;) This 12th October 2008 will be the Penamaan Calon for Campus Election (PRK) 2008 in UMP. 16th October 2008 will be the election day to select the new MPP. I hope that the new MPP will continue to bring the vision and mission of MPP UMP. InsyaAllah.

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