Monday, October 27, 2008

Just a quick one...En. Sahli's open house

Assalamualaikum gang! I almost forgot to write about one open house that I went last Friday evening. It's En. Sahli's open house. I went there with Kak Fatin, Kak Ila, Yaie and Aine. Well, these girls actually asked me to be their driver. If not maybe I don't know how am I gonna be there. Hehe. We depart from UMP at about 4.30 pm like that. His house was near the Kuantan Bypass road.

When I arrive there, I saw Jemin and the gang, his direct entry gang. And then I saw Chemical student also. Her wife is the FKKSA's lecturer. No wonder Akak, Syafa, Abu Zar, Ammar and others Chemical-ians was there. Hehe. My PA, En. Fadli was also there. When I shake hands with him, he said "Janggo" while looking at me and En. Sahli. Aiyark. He knew it already. I just smiled back at him. Hehe. He evaluates Zery's PSM 1. Nevermind. ;)

I only saw Cikma and others later. She wore white shirt. I think I saw Suksis peeps running around that evening wearing that shirt. Hurm. Xmandi ke hah? Hehe. I ate the rice once only because later that night I got futsal. I also bantai ice cream rounds while waiting the girls to finish. ;P After that I accompanied them to Kuatan Parade. I think that's all lah. Chiow! ;)

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