Thursday, October 23, 2008

Our last MPP program : Majlis Penghargaan Kerjasama MPP 2008

Assalamualaikum dear readers. How's your day? I hope it's better than ever. InsyaAllah. :) Last Saturday night, I attended an event. Actually, I was the program committee. The program was named as in the title. The program was to appreciate all that have given their cooperation during our time as MPP. We invited representatives from Department of Student Affairs & Alumni (JHEPA), Information Communication & Technology Center (PTMK), Department of Development & Asset Management (JPPH), Security Division (Keselamatan), student's clubs & associations, MPP 2008/2009 and the secretariat of MPP 2007/2008. The event was held at Block W open space.

Even though that night most of our guests (students) have tests, the event runs as planned. During the event, an unexpected accident occurred. You wanna know what? There was a trip. Electric current trip. So, half of the open space was darkened without lamp. We tried to on the switch in the fius box but the trip happened again and again. Until Pak Cik Hasan came, he helped us out. Alhamdulillah, the lamp is on again. :) But the accident didn't stopped the event. With our professionalism in handling technical occurrence like this was proved during the accident. Hehe. :P

The event went well until the end. I think my multimedia slideshow is not a good slideshow because it length 8 minutes like that. A good multimedia slideshow length about 4-6 minutes only. That's what I think because if too long, the audience will be boring. I hope to do it much better & improved next time. I think that's all for this post. Just a short one about our last activity. See you on another post. Chow! ;)

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