Wednesday, February 18, 2009

SQA mid term test...

Assalamualaikum readers! Last night, I was just taken the SQA mid term test. I tell you what, the test paper was very difficult. Huhu. Even my friends who studied the notes with full concentration also couldn't manage to answer the questions. Then, what about the others who study just a little bit? Huhu. The killer part that really make me lose marks, many marks is question 1 section 2.

The killer part that kills...huhu...20 marks fly~~

I just don't know how to answer. My friend said that it was the calculation part. I blurred for a very long time during the test. The only value that the question gave was 100. I thought if the calculation part came out, theres maybe the tables there. That's more like it. :(

Well, the test passed already. I must keep on moving forward towards the better day, better hours, better minutes, better seconds and better man. :) Let's move forward!


Anonymous said...

memang gler la aku pun xtau nak ajwab aper dari aku azam kakakkaka

YAMIN said...

HUH! JJ ko telah mengambil gambar kertas test SQA! Boleh dibawa ke mahkamah tribunal tatatertib UMP.. Abisla ko JJ!! Wahahaha!!! Wahaha!!! Akan ku masukkan dalm UMPshock! (news UMP)

bLeEd BuDdY said...

siyes la...ntah paper punye hampeh...dlm clas x ajar plak nk kire 1 no jer...bengang siyes la!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

Suburbanzero said...

to azam : ilek jer..hehe

to YAMIN : aaa...jgn ko haa...gmbar kamera digital ndak buleh bawak jadi bukti...;P

to bleed buddy : hehe...yan kate yg kire dalam kotak2 tu...ntah la...haish

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