Monday, February 02, 2009

I'm 22 years old now...and my journey continues...

Assalamualaikum and good morning all! I just arrived from Subang Jaya this 1.30 am in the morning and going back to my room at about 3 am just now. Well, I introduced 2 friends - Abai and Mat Topo; with my ibu because they bought Herbalife through me. My ibu can tell more about the product cause I'm new. Hehe. My ibu also briefly told what's related to the product an so on lah. That's why I went into my room late. If you wanted to know more, contact me lah. I left my e-mail and so on at the 'Own Ads' section, okay. ;)

I'm 22 years old now. My birthday is yesterday, 1st February, in fact the day is also Wilayah Day. So, KL peeps holiday lah kan. Happy Wilayah Day to KL-ians. ;) I celebrated my birthday with my ibu je cause my sisters, both of them were going to Port Dickson holiday-ing with my ayah from Saturday until Monday. I can't follow cause Saturday I went to buy the product and went to Lowyat Plaza to buy something for me and for some friends' computer thingy things. It's okay, next time ade lagi I'll follow, okay. ;)

The most common birthday celebration for me is going out to makan whether have birthday cake or no birthday cake. Birthday cake is not everything lah kan even though cake usually related with cake. The important thing is I get older and wishes from family, friends and others if applicable. ;) Night before 1st February, I and my ibu went to Sunway Pyramid. We went to eat at Subway, the restaurant that serves the long bread one lah. If you don't know, just Google, okay. ;) I ate the 6-inch I don't know what the meal name, but it's the bread with the chicken, salads and bla, bla, bla inside them. Then, ibu brought me to J.Co, the donut place. I ate about 4 and a half donuts. Another half, cannot go lah. Full already. After that, we went back.

On Sunday, I woke up early. My handphone kept playing the message tone. It shows that I have a new message. In fact, the night before after 12 am, I got birthday wish message already from my sisters. For the whole day total, I got 7 wishes at my Celcom, 13 wishes at my Maxis, 19 wishes at my Facebook, 16 wishes at my Friendster and 10 wishes at my Skype. Thank you all for your wishes and supports. ;) And I got I phone call from I don't recognize whose number is it, I'm really sorry cause that time I was a bit sleepy. Jangan mara haa...nanti cepat tua. ;) Again, thank you for all wishes. I continue my story okay. Not finished yet.

At noon, I went out with ibu going for lunch at J.M. Bariani. Located in SS18 Subang Jaya. It's been a long time I have not been there. Their bariani was the best you know. Don't believe me, go try for yourself, okay. ;) After lunch, we move to Sunway Pyramid. Sunway Pyramid lagi...blasah je lah. Hehe. This time we went there to watch movie. We watched the new movie, starred by Apek and Nabil Raja Lawak titled Sifu & Tongga. I recommended you to watch this movie., an, an... ;P After that we head back home to rest, packing up my things cause I'll be going back to UMP that night; that's was just now lah.

And that's wrapped up the post. Sorry, no pictures lah cause my battery kong. Huhu. Until then, stay tuned for more. Peace! ;)

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Sharing is caring. said...

salam.. termasuk dlm 10 org menyekype hmp tuh.. (sbb ade notofications.. ngeh3)..

epi TUO deyyyy

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