Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Discussion at 1.30 am

Assalamualaikum guys and girls! Again, how are you today? Fine? Alhamdulillah...may you be fine always. ;) It's Tuesday morning and my class will only start at 11 am today. Hehe. Currently, here at UMP, we got the water crisis again after long time it happened. Last time was last year if I'm not mistaken. Well, sabo je le... I've taken my bath this morning and the water runs slowly but enough to refresh my body. :)

Last night, I went to Abai's home. Mat Topo also was there but he is a bit late lah because he was refilling his printer cartridge. We was gather there at approximately 1.30 am just to discuss and plan what to do for this whole week since we are in the business. Wanna know what business? It's a very good business; Herbalife! We planned who are we going to meet this week. Each of us have our own target and we worked in a group. Means we need to support each other in terms to make this business runs smoothly here. We set several targets to be achieved during this whole semester. We discussed it until almost 4 am in the morning and yet, I'm still not feeling tired but sleepy lah, just sleepy. I felt my energy like never runs out because I could stand there and discussed at 1.30 am until 4 am in the morning. But at last I need to sleep also even for a second. :)

And that's the round up for this post. Well, business is a way to get your income and most importantly, in this business you can share about yourself to other people. Thank you! Peace! ;)

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