Tuesday, June 23, 2009

A week

Assalamualaikum readers! Finally, my internship started. It's been a busy week. Yezza, you know what I mean. Precisely, busy weekend. Until today before lunch. Me, Azam and Kak Fatin were given a task to do the prototype for eProfil and ePantau (the main module name). It's a big system I can say. Oh, I forgot to tell you all. I'm doing my internship at Unijaya Resources Sdn Bhd. The place is near Ampang Park. Here, I learn new thing. It's called Zend. What is Zend?? Go Google-lah to find out okay. ;)

I think that's all for introduction. Actually, there's a lot more to tell but I don't intend to write it out now. Haha. We save it for later, kay. :) Adios!

1 comment:

norish said...

HYE there!!

jamil...ko intern kat ampang park ke?kat area mane ek?aku pon intern kat sini jgk....kt menare PNB..ko ktne ek?

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