Tuesday, January 12, 2010

My testimony...what? don't believe eh?

Assalamualaikum all! I'm currently accessing the net thru UiTM wireless. ;) Well, it's other person's account though. I don't have my own yet. Later you'll see haa, I'll get one for me. Wanna see me pic now and then?
*click the pic to enlarge. tq. *

Haa..how is it? Look different aite? The left one is me in 2008. That time my weight was 80kg, my pants was 36 inches, I wore XL sized shirt, have very serious skin problems and allergic to cats but at my house there was a lot of them. My ibu loves cats, can't do anything lah, right. Oh, and I have sinus problem also.

Now, the right one is me also, in 2009. Last December. My total lost is 5kg, my pants now is 32 inches but seems that 32 inches also have loosen a bit, shirt is S sized, skin problem lessen, allergic problem almost no more. So I can play around with my cats now. ;) My sinus is lessen also. Yeah, it's only 5kg but I reshaped my body a lot don't ya think so? :) See my student ID card photos in the small square there. How is it? Okay right? ;)

Even though my age will be 23 this 1st February, but I feel like 18! Last time in class, lecture for 45 minutes is my limit. This time, lecture 3 hours, no problem. My energy level is totally different compare to last time. Playing futsal for 2 hours also no matter one. :)

What I do was I only eat and eat and eat for the past one year and that's the results. Exercise...hmmm...not regularly. No diet also, I don't do diet. Don't ask how long cause I've like that(the left pic one) for almost 3 years. There's no fast way to lose weight if you've that sized for so many long time. Logic isn't it?

If you're serious, I can coach you. Do call/sms me at 013-9224026 now or email me at jamilulhakim@gmail.com. Thank you for viewing! I love ya'll. Peace! :)

p/s my sister's testimony, click here.

*updated on 2nd March 2010 : latest!! I've lost another 3kg last month, 23 years old but feeling 17 and below is my latest pic :) *

my mom, Dato' Ronnie Tan and me during the introduction of Marco Polo Cycling Team of le Tour de Langkawi 2010 at Herbalife Office, KL.


░♥si lampu neon♥░ said...

you are losing weight! wow hebat laaa

jamilulhakim said...

yes, of course! and i'm losing some more you know. :) and I FEEL GREAT!

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