Friday, June 11, 2010

El Classico

Assalamualaikum all who are here! First of all, thank you for supporting my blog. =) You know, the moment you enter this blog, you are my supporters. Thanks a lot! Jeah~ Well, if it's not about a new post, I would have not open the new blank sheet of 'New Post' here at For this post, I just want to share some old photos of me and my family when I was very-very young. Phlow~

I guess this was at The Mall, KL. Aha, got huge dragons back there. ;)

Haha. Guess that time Ultraman influences me to pose like that. Bzztt!

Oh, got year there. It was 1993. I am 6 years old that year. =)

With the old Volkswagon. I wonder where is it now. See how I posed. Got style, eyh. =)


...and today, this is me. Tadaa! =)-

p/s : Our health is our most precious treasure. So, keep healthy cause the price we have to pay for our health is way out of our capability a.k.a priceless and we only live once. - Yours sincerely, Wellness Coach mrJamil..

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