Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Desktop wallpaper

Tagged by Dayat (siot, balas dendam ka...haha)

1)[printscreen] *current* wallpaper -- just a simple press of fn+prt sc
2)REASONS why do u like/adore/cherish the wallpaper???
3)tag 10 people

REASONS why do u like/adore/cherish the wallpaper???

Do I like it? Do I adore it? Do I cherish it? I don't think so. I just feel like to use this wallpaper because it represents nature. Actually, this was at Hutan Lipur Berkelah in Gambang. I went there last time with my C33 fellas. The river was only the entrance. The main place one got waterfalls some more. Really nice place to go. Haha.

p/s : sorry aa, my desktop serabut sket pasal blom kemas. haha

Tag 10 people
The 10 lucky blog-friendly people that I tag(naseb ar sape kene...haha) :
1. adie
2. mereka yg xnakal
3. anashahira
4. ara dan blogspotnya
5. misz trex
6. eddy yg best
7. shady
8. misz luna
9. izyan dan blogspotnya
10. nadirah yang aku blom bg sijilnya


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♥.misz luna.™ said...

akan di jwb scepat mungkin ok?

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