Saturday, May 02, 2009

The semester ends...

Assalamualaikum all! Alhamdulillah. Finally, the semester ends. It's my 6th semester here and I have just one more semester to go before finishing my degree. Currently, I'm finishing my final year project thesis and doing my printing business here. Well, that is one of my source of income here. ;) Yesterday, I have to print about 1100 pages of thesis. It's about 8 copies of thesis. Quite a lot right? Haha. Tonight also I have to print another 10 copies of thesis. See, how much I can earn one night with doing printing only. 10 cents per sheet. ;)

My day here in UMP finally come to an end. Sedih la plak rasenye. Huhu. But still, I have a way ahead. Later I will graduate from UMP, and then working, and then kawin, and then got own family and bla, bla, bla. Anyway, UMP is the best. ;) I have so many memories here right from I enroll here, until now. Being part of PETAKOM, part of MPP. My class, section 3 (C13,C23, C33). I'll miss you guys lah of course. ;) Section 3 loyal followers (kire yg pernah terjebak dgn section 3 la yg aku ingat...hehe) > Me, Azam, Mat Topo, Jemin (existed since C23), Izyan, Ara, Tito (sori ar tito...hehe...lupe lak), Florence, Vanessa, Yaie, Kak Ila, Ina, Kak Fatin(also existed since C23), Athirah, Zaharah, Shahrul, Khalis, Zars, Kalbans, Yamin, Zery, Surya, Sam, Mat, Lela, Nad, Kecik. There is actually one more, Christy, but I don't heard any news from her since 2nd year. Dunno where she gone. Dah kawin kot. Hehe. ;) Anyway, I love you guys! One day, we shall meet again. InsyaAllah. Maybe a reunion dinner or so. Haha. We never know right.

As usual, when the semester ends, the students go back to their hometown. I'm still here at UMP. Dunno when to go back. Last day I'm here is definitely this 15 May. InsyaAllah. If all my work here is done. I'm actually have more to write here but later still can write, is it? Well, that's all for this post. Until we meet again in another post. Chow!

p/s : dayat, tag ko nnt aku buat la ekk.. hehe


fatiha mazlam said...

gud luck jamil.
nak kawen nanti jgn lupa jemput~...

tito said...

ahem jamil.
kecik ati i.
i ade kat kelas dari C13 smp C33 pn xde name.

Noluvie23 said...

wey.. cntik blog ko.. tgk blog aku lak.. hehehe.. promote ckit...

FaHim aL said...

hbs gak stdy kat ump ye =)

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