Sunday, April 26, 2009

Balok '09

Assalamualaikum readers! How're ya'll? Hope ya'll are in a very good condition. This post supposedly I publish it earlier but due to the 1st week of final exam, I put it on hold lah. ;)

Just before the final exam started, 3 BCS 2009 students held a program. Well, it's our last program together as student in UMP. After this, we'll be going for our industrial attachment and there are some who still in UMP extending their semester before they are ready to go to their industrial attachment. The program was at Balok beach 0n . I think this is my 2nd time going there in this year. Last one was the eXpoconvo'08 gathering. I went there with Zam, Topo and Otit. We depart from UMP at almost 12 am that Friday night. Phew! That's late man. Nevermind, we just go. Hehe. As we arrived, they was sitting near the beach surrounding the camp fire. I ate first before I joined them there. We overnight there. I slept in the surau there.

Next morning, after subuh I went to the beach to see the sunset. I took some pictures of it. Then, I went to see people netting the fish . Amazing! Never seen one in reality before. Only on TV. Haha. Then, we have our breakfast and then played the beach soccer. After that, I went to the beach again to mandi laut. Haha. We was there until 11am before we depart back to UMP. Thanks guys for the program. :) Peace!

p/s : pictures will be upload later.


Dyat said...

Salam Jamil.
Kenapa tak post sekali foto-foto sunset itu...


Suburbanzero said...

haha...nnt aku up la ar...ade prob ket nk upload

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