Sunday, April 05, 2009

Dinner Petakom 2009

Assalamualaikum all! Haha, guess I'm late to post this post. A week late. Dang! Nevermind. Just the pictures only lah okay. ;)

Ladies at my table(L to R) > Yaie, Van, Flo, Kak Ila

Also at my table(L to R) > Liana, Muja, Azam

Band performance that night by those guys.

Jemin's table(L to R from the front guys) > Surya, Khalis, Jemin, Yamin, Zery, Bameng, Syafiq

Those guys at my table again. ;)

Ape sengih2 tu Khalis?? Haha

3rd year BCS who came that night

Me and the ladies. Senyum skett.

With En Sahli of the Artificial Intelligence(AI)

Mereka gemar bergambar...

Kan saya sudah kate tadi...

What's up with that balloons...(L to R) > 'awek korea'(seperti kata Yamin), Zery and I don't know her name but recognize her face...hahaha

Haish...berani nk curik janggut gua.. ;P

The Corpse...uii Khalis, napa senym2 tuu...uii..

How can I didn't remember I interviewed her...dang!.. Aisyah and me

The gentlemen and the Dean and the staffs...

The ladies and the Dean and the staffs...



fatiha mazlam said...

wahhh~ sonot tgk gamba korang. jamil, nak copy eh gambo ni..
ehem2 (^o^)v

Suburbanzero said...

copy ajer...hehe

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