Thursday, April 09, 2009

5 years back?

1. What were you doing five years back?
2004...yes...I was in my final year back then, still in SMK Subang Utama. The SPM year that was. As final year student, we that time grab any position in clubs & association, any activities with certificate that available. Hehe. It's also called the certificate grabbing year. Cause what you know? Later if we want to enroll to college or university, the certificate will approve us as an active student. Miss my friends back then especially my unbeatable football team since form 2, Mafia FC. :P

2. What are the five things on your to-do list today.
- mobile report
- technopreneurship RP presentation
- PSM system
- surfing the net
- sleep ;)

3. What are the five snacks you enjoyed munching?
- nips
- chipsmore
- m&m
- mars
- cloud9 wafret (chocolate one...haha)

4. What are the five things you'd if you turned to be a billionaire!
- sadaqah
- treat my family & relatives
- treat my friends all around Malaysia
- give presents to all my teachers & lecturers
- buy a ferrari car

5. The five persons I wanna tag!
- nadirah
- juzailah
- dayat
- adie
- bob solah


1 comment:

Dyat said...

salam jamil...
aku suka ditag ko...

ni belum pernah aku buat.
aku jawab sekarang la.

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