Sunday, April 05, 2009

Intrafaculty 2009

Assalamualaikum all! How are you all? I'm feeling a bit tired but can't sleep yet. Got work to settle down. Huhu. Today, I was having football games at the new Sports Complex. The field got batu-batu on it, still. Well, nevermind. New field right. Still rooms for improvement. ;)

Black Ninja's little brother...hahaha

The football games was for Intrafaculty 2009 event. There was also volleyball and netball games besides football. I and other 3BCS guys represent the 3BCS football team. At the end of the day, we somehow, manage to reduce the goals. Haha. There were also several issues there about 'awang import' and bla, bla, bla. Well, it happens anywhere. I don't want to write more, the most important thing is we enjoy the last game. Haha. ;D

Khalis : Apa pandang-pandang?? Mo mati ka??

Jemin bounce the volleyball back to the staff's side

3BCS girls volleyball team

Special pose (from L to R) : Lela, Zairie, McNa, Aie, Nad, Siong(nmpak sket kpale dia sbelah nad tuu), Su, Along

3BCS football team...buat poster dalam ABS lawa gak niee..haha

Aie : Daku keciwa, Zul : Aku juge turut keciwa

Izzul(left) is not from our faculty, he's our supporter only-lah
Khalis : Waduh, waduh, itu pun ndak bulih gol ka, alalala~~

We lost but we enjoy! (Agos, herbalife yok sekali)

With the otai-ers after losing all games...huahuahua (from L to R) : Mamat Ejay, Zul, Fariz, Me, Sam (in front of me, black cap one), Meri, Lek (ye dok mung?)

Woi, opponent nak serve tu! Sempat lak bergambo tengah-tengah game...adoyai~~

Pieces of 3BCS (from L to R) : Zul, Ara, Lela, Khalis(red shirt), Jemin(behind Khalis), Shady, Along
Ara : Ade gak gambo aku...alhamdulillah..

~ LOL :D ~


Rahmah Ramdzan said...

kuang asam ye jamil..

Suburbanzero said...

kui3...jgn marah haa...nnt kene jual ;)

Rahmah Ramdzan said...

xmrh..skt ati je..hahaha..

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