Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Final week of lecture

Assalamualaikum readers! Alhamdulillah...finally, I'm at the end of 2nd semester of academic session 2008/2009 lecture week. And if all goes well, my PSM, final exams etc., this will be my last lecture here in UMP. InsyaAllah. As I've mentioned before in some posts, I'll be going for my industrial attachment(LI) with the industry. Today is the final day to confirm where to go for LI. As for me, I'm having some problems in choosing my LI place. I got 3 offers; V-WIN in SJ, Unijaya in Ampang and Aspire Revolution in Klang.
  1. V-WIN; they wanted immediate confirmation, and yet when they called me, their offer letter was just arrived. They claimed that their offer letter was sent earlier. Aiseh. Almost everyday I went to the LI unit to check whether there is offer letter(s) for me or not. I rejected their offer but hoping that one day I'll be joining their team. I told them my hope.
  2. Unijaya; I sent my application letter and follow-up with the PIC. The PIC also asked me several questions before giving me the answers whether I get the place or not. Alhamdulillah. First ever offer and that time I told them that I confirmed to do LI there.
  3. Aspire Revolution; The MD of this company is my senior here in UMP but, super, super senior-lah. The company is printing based company. And my plan is to own a printing company. So, in this company I can learn very much about printing starting from it's basic process to final product and etc. Again, I still can learn much even if I'm not with the company.
Plus, Jemin also ask me to join him with the incubator program here in UMP as LI. Means, I'll be LI as an IT entrepreneur like that la. Wow! Amazing, very amazing! That's why I have problems in choosing my LI place. Huhu.

In your opinion, which one will I be joining? I'll answer the question after I submit the confirmation form. Okayh. ;)

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Last Arabic class of the semester


***Alhamdulillah, I've submitted the SLI form and I selected Unijaya as my LI place.***

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