Thursday, April 02, 2009

Just put this title >> "Tagged by n i s a"

n i s a tagged me...thanks a lot...muahaha :D

Adakah anda suka blogging? Kenapa?

Yezza...I like blogging...haha...because blogging is one of the ways of how I'm going to improve my english...

Blog siapa yg anda selalu skodeng? Nyatakan 5 (buat masa ini)

Let me see...hurmmm....Bloggers UMP blog (of course, from there I know who else is UMP blogger's), misz trex (she visit my blog a lot, I guess...hehe), abg fairul (because his blog name is on top of the list...starts with 'A'...huahuahua), ariff othman (my hockey mate), alia hepburn (no

Adakah anda menginginkan seseorang dalam hidup anda? Yang boleh menyayangi anda sepenuh hati? dan Siapakah org itu?

Of course I want somebody into my life...but I don't know yet who is the lucky person yet..

Taken or single? Mana lebih bagus?

Single...cause I'm free to do anything ;)

Pernah tak cinta anda tidak di balas?

Haha...well, it's hard to say... ;)

Ciri2 idaman bf/gf anda? Nyatakan 5 (btolkan skit: suami/isteri)

1. Beriman

2. Solehah

3. Understanding

4. Supportive (in any condition, anywhere, anytime)

5. Can accept me as I am

(oopss...1st time I expressed it...hehe)

Pada umur berapakah anda merancang untuk berkahwin?

Around 25 - 27...insyaAllah :)

Nak berapa anak? many kids? Hehe...maybe 4 - 7...ok what?? ;) The more, the merrier

Lucky person yg anda ingin tag:

cikma, ude, achik, angah, misz trex, alia, ariff othman, anuar a.k.a si comel, mr big eddy, fikri aziz, neeq, nur syahirah, sheikh, zulaikah...haha...take that! ;)



bd fabregas said...

yezzz.. blogger ump rule, hehehe..

athirah said...

wah... i kn tag...HAHHAHAAH....

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