Sunday, April 12, 2009

The day is just around the corner

Assalamualaikum readers! How are ya'll today? I hope ya'll in your greatest condition. :) My PSM a.k.a final year project presentation is just around the corner.

It will be held on Tuesday. My project progress is doing great at the moment. Hehe. Today, nothing much to say. Doing the project all day and will be continue tonight. I was at with Haziri today at his house because he's a sifu in php and sql. Thank you a lot lah bro. Jasamu dikenang. Better get to dinner first. Hungry already. ;) And here I show ya'll my simple PSM poster. Well, all PSM 2 students are compulsary to do the poster.

That's all fpr this post. Till w meet again in other post. Zrass! :)

**Good Luck to all presenter(PSM1, PSM2, PTA)! May Allah be with us all. :) **


Dyat said...

Maju ke depan...
Moga sukses jamil!

sekian, kata-kata semangat dari ku.

ibu said...

ibu doakan abang sukses selalu ek...take more teamix and more plain water tau... take your shake every morning thats vital to energise your system tru out the day...

maisarah_sanif said...

go go cayok!!

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