Sunday, April 19, 2009

3 days it is...

Assalamualaikum all! The unwanted come once again. What is the unwanted? It's the water supply shortage problem. Yezza. As I was here for 3 consecutive years as a student, the problem still has no ending. But there are some improvements made by the university to ensure that backup water supply is there when it come to times like this. It's 3 days since the announcement made saying that the water supply shortage will occur. There was one moment like this one, about 2 years back I think. One week of water supply shortage problem. I think this one also will be happening for another 2 or 3 days more before the water supply is normal again. So, berpada-padalah menggunakan air tuu. And good luck for final exam!

p/s : Balok post will be up later. Hehe. Study jap. ;)

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