Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Breaking the fast

Assalamualaikum readers!

How's ya'll doing? I hope ya'll doing fine. I'm also just fine here. Still got approximately 2 months to go. Well, that doesn't matter. As long as I am doing well, that's oklah. It is also he last week of Ramadhan. As a Muslim, we all should fell a bit sad cause Ramadhan is almost leaving us. This is the month where the reward from Allah is multiplied. We all should do check and balance for ourselves though. That's for starters.

During Ramadhan, you'll see there are various of places will be doing the buka puasa a.k.a breking the fast. Last week, yeah, last week's story...a bit. Last week, the company where I do my internship have arranged a buka puasa at the Felda's Perdana Hall near Semarak. All the bosses and staffs were there to join the event. It's buffet. I ate a lot, I guess so. You know, it's buffet, so I took what I can lah, right? ;) We were there until 9pm. Took pictures is compulsary (Well, you can see it in my Facebook). Lastly before we all went back, we took pictures of ours outside of the hall. At the end of the week, I went back to help my ibu to kemas rumah. :)

~Tha girls~

~Tha boys~

Ramzi the tido boy and me

And yesterday, also we all went for a buka puasa together, without bosses and top staffs. Just the system analysts and application engineers plus the practicals student including me. Hehe. The organizer, Awien, booked a place at a steamboat restaurant at Wangsa Maju. Near the Masjid Ausamah bin Zaid there. Me, Azam, Saiful and Fithti were among the first to arrive there and also the first to start...to eat. I also met Kak Haidar Akma(UMP senior) there.

Mano ekau sumo nih??

Mrs Fatin and husband


Epul : It wasn't me
Azam : Tuuut u!
Ramzi : I'm not guilty..

The buka puasa also made because Ella was last yesterday in Unijaya. She's going to further her study in master level. I'm also going to start masters program insyaAllah this December. Erm...that my part doing master is just for announcement, okay. Hehe. :)

Eh, mane Yo?

Me and the ladies

Me and the gentlemen

I think that's all for this post. Erm..tomorrow, again, have buka puasa at Putrajaya. Hehe. Until then. Chow! :)

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