Monday, December 27, 2010

AFF Suzuki Cup 2010 Final 1st Leg : Go for it Malaysia!

*thanks to Mylaunchpad Sports for the pic*

ONE MORE STEP... All Malaysians would be very proud of our national soccer team after they beat Indonesia 3-0 in the AFF Suzuki Cup 2010 Final 1st Leg. Well, I was unable to go to the national stadium because got work in Johor with my family. I only can watch the live game through television at the Larkin bus station last night. When I arrived there, it's was 2nd half already and it it still 0-0. No problem. At first I go at the waiting area. I knew there's a tv there. Sadly, it showed other channel. No problem. Then I searched at the mamak, no tv also.

Then I heard people shouting "GOOAALLLL!!!" at the ticket counter. Ahah, the tv must be there. Yerp. The tv was there at the counter. I saw Malaysian players and the spectators in the stadium celebrated 1st goal. I can only saw the 1st goal replay. Not long after that, 2nd goal arrived. All people there shouting "GOOAALLLLL!!!" once again. That goal I watched it live. Then I went to the mamak back to tell my mother that Malaysia team was leading, cause we're sitting there for a while waiting for 12.30am. My sister went to the tv place and then I heard another shout..."GOOAALLLLL!!!".. My sister came and told that Malaysia scored.

That's mean, Tengku Abdullah's prediction was correct. 3-0 is a big margin. I hope there will be a live telecast this Wednesday for the 2nd leg. Go Malaysia! Go! And all Malaysians, support out local scene. Chiow!

*thanks to Firdaus for the pic*


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