Tuesday, July 28, 2009

The end of July...almost...

Assalamualaikum readers! It's July the 28th. Next month puasa already. I can't wait for Ramdhan. :) Hope I can meet with with Ramdhan. But this post is not about puasa or Ramdhan. Last week, precisely last Saturday, I went back to UMP. I went back because I have to deliver some things to my friends and pick up my thing. I left some at Azri's house and Dayat's room. UMP-ians have grown in numbers. Wow. Ramai btol orang. I stay for a night at Dayat's room but he's not there. He went back to Gombak because his friend got married. This weekend also he go back to Gombak for the same reason. Aiya. Ko bile plak Dayat? Hehe. Well, I also meet some friends there to hi, hi here and everywhere. Went out to Gambang with Abai and Topo. Lepak-lepak with the direct entry student at KK2. Love the air there. One day I'll come back to UMP insyaAllah. And that's all for this post. I jsut write out what's come out from my mind. Hehe. See ya in next post! :)


Darin Amani said...

bile plak turn abg jj? kami sume nk mkn ns minyak..hehe

aMMerZ said...

I dun care abt others, When is abg JJ's wedding day??? TELL ME n i'll be the organizer,ahaks!!! That's what i'm good...Next time, let me know when u turn up urself at UMP,dude!!! :P

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