Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Man Utd vs Malaysia XI - matchday

Assalamualaikum all! This is madness. ;) Manchester United vs Malaysia XI. Here are those pictures from that day. Enjoy!

p/s : pictures are not in sequence. tq. ;)

*click to enlarge*


The line-up

Is it a goal?

This one was one of the fabulous one. I like it. ;)

Abe Scholes kite...

Pictures from 2nd game of Manchester United vs Malaysia XI will be up later. Stay tuned! ;)
--The end--


maisarah_sanif said...

ni gune kamera akak ke tgkp ni?
cantik la gambar ehehe

Zery said...

boy boy boy
aku idup suda blog ku balik boi

bukan zery-g tapi huzairi.blogspot.com

layout buruk x tukar lg tp kontent suda tmbh

Looking fwd to blogging with you again!

Suburbanzero said...

zery, aku ada di ump ni..tp malam ni aku balik KL la...mo jmpa ka

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