Saturday, December 20, 2008

Entrepreneur as the first choice

banner program

Assalamualaikum all! I miss ya'll you know. Haha. I just came back from Genting Highlands. Recently, I joined Kursus Asas Keusahawanan Siswa (KAKS) from 13 to 19 Disember 2008. The program was held at Hotel Seri Malaysia Genting. So, I stayed at hotel lah for the whole week. I think this was the longest period of time I stayed in a hotel compared to all program that I've joined. Hehe.

First of all, I feel motivated. From the program, I learnt many things about entrepreneurship. Talks was given by peoples from MCeD and it's agencies like MARA, PUNB, TEKUN and SME Bank, PKNP and guest entrepreneur from Kuantan, Pak Long (I don't remember his real name...hehe). I also learnt how to do business plan (rancangan perniagaan or RP) which I never know before this. There were also talks given by UMP's lecturer who taught this subject in UMP; En Azizan and Pn Ida (both from FKPPT). I and other participants learnt much about marketing and accounting in business.

We have been given into groups. My group have 8 members; me, Husni, Hilmi, Amir Syafiq, Hazwan Rais, Shafuiddin, Hadi and Syazwan. Our company named Blueprint Enterprise. Our company do the printing services. Our end product are banners, posters, fliers, phamplets, buntings, events invitation cards and name cards. We also do printing for bulletins, books and magazines. In our RP, we have made a loan request to the loan agencies mainly to own a printer for offset printing. From this, we also wanted to expand our business to the next level. ;)

Blueprint Enterprise members

That printing thing, actually it's also my own idea because I planned to open my own printing company soon. InsyaAllah. Hurm...then, I think I better start doing something (well, I have started my own printing business in my room...kecil-kecilan jerk, price in town...lai, lai). I guess that's all for this one. I'll do my best to achieve my target. Let's make entrepreneur as our first choice, okay. ;) Chiow!

"Berhati-hati di jalan raya" - En Lokman, SSM

p/s : Juju, sorry for not yet doing your tag. Later I'll do it okayh. ;)


Dyat said...

Encik Azizan tu lecturer bisnes aku sem lepas...

Haha... serik daa wat bisnes plan. sem lepas.

Suburbanzero said...

hehe...aku sem dpn ni baru dia ajar aku

Mohamad Hilman bin Nordin said...

about the board game..

is that cashflow 101?

Suburbanzero said...

ouh, that board game eh? that they called it catur bestari...better that playing monopoly...haha

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