Sunday, December 28, 2008

I'll be back soon~

Assalamualaikum guyz! Miss me? Haha. It's been a very long time I'm not writing this blog actively. Of course lah. I have no internet at home yet. Maybe soon lah my ibu will be pasang the internet at my home. InsyaAllah. Oh yeah, currently I'm at the Cyber Cafe in Berjaya Times Square. RM3 per hour. Pergh. But nevermind. Tonight at 9.30 I'll be departing back to UMP. ;) The new semester also just around the corner. Oh, before I forget Salam Maal Hijrah 1430 to all. And the new year 2009 also just near. Hehe. Well, not much to write. Make sure you stay tuned to this blog kayh. Alright...I love ya'll! ;) See ya. Peace!

p/s : TQs bro...haha...typing error...xperasan lak


ak_0143 said...

ni hapa ketinggalan zaman ni???
ko sambut hijrah taun berapa tuh beb???

FaHim aL said...

sem ni bnyak lg ke baju free ko? XD

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