Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Extravaganza 2010 Singapore...the event pic

Readers! I just got back from Singapore. Extravaganza 2010 was awesome! Here are some of the pics. Enjoy! :)

upon entering Singapore

Yay! Singapore!

The Chairman's Club Members

The Kims dancing in the last five minutes

Ace Young performing the Herbalife new anthem

Honorable guest speaker all the way from US, Dan Waldron

APAC Got Talent - Taiwan

APAC Got Talent - backdrop

APAC Got Talent - Australia

APAC Got Talent - Malaysia

APAC Got Talent - The Philippines

18,000 crowd...

...across asia pacific

With Dr. Khadijah and Ustaz and abg Danial

With Sam Howard of Australia

Tanjong Pagar railway station

with the aunties

With cousins in Singapore

Before entering the elevator

On the way to Singapore Expo

This is Herbalife

Extravaganza 2010 Singapore huge banner

Banner at the entrance from MRT station

Amazing! Got Herbalife's sign on MRT

Very nice jacket!

This uncle from India is 50 years old!

The GenH

Asyraf, Mr World Team from India and me

Take a break!

My sisters with the Koreans

With the Taiwanese

With the Thai group

With the Japanese

With the Vietnamese...

...and this is Vietnamese also

That's all. How is it? Great right? :) This is all Herbalife people. I think that's all for this post. Until then, ciao! :)

Watch what you speak, do not use the word "I can't..." - Dan Waldron, Extravaganza 2010 Singapore

p/s : next big event is in July, Supervisor Academy in Bali.


athirah said...

keje katne skang ni??

Suburbanzero said...

part time herbalife independent distributor...full time student :)

Hazwan said...

waaaa, teringit sangat nak ke singapore

Suburbanzero said...

pegi lah!! :)

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