Wednesday, May 12, 2010

New lappy :)

Salam all readers! Sudah makan? ;)

As I've mentioned in last post about Streamyx that installed here in my house, yesterday, my new mini laptop arrived. It is a HP laptop. Well, now everybody in my house can use laptop coz we got two; this one and the mini laptop one. I've tested it and it was very good. I even watched movie there last night. ;) And the mini laptop we can bring for traveling. And here it is (jeng, jeng, jeng)..

That's all guys! See ya'll in next update.

p/s: I wanted to share something that I learn recently. Do not skip your meal coz you may cut the daily nutritional intake that your body need for the day. And trust me, by doing that, you are actually damaging your own body. "Extravaganza mood :)"

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