Saturday, May 29, 2010

Ideal Body for everybody

Assalamualaikum. Good Day my friend! How are you today my friend? Good? Great? Amazing! I pray that you will always be in very, very good condition. InsyaAllah. :)

I'm actually just got back home from Klang and actually feel very little of tired but not as tired as last time before I start taking the good nutrition. My energy level still maintained from I went out this evening till now. Sleepy, yes, I feel sleepy a bit but what I'm realized here is my energy level. Wow! It's amazing. I can tell you this, later when I sleep tonight, even I sleep very late, when I wake up tomorrow, I'll feel very fresh with no tired feel.

Why is it like that? Very simple. It is because you give your body good nutrition everyday, your body will react in good way and automatically repair your body. It comes to our topic which is ideal body. It's good intro, right? ;) So, what do you all know about ideal body? For me, ideal body is the body we're supposed to have. It is actually related to your body weight, body fat, total body water, muscle mass, physique rating, BMR, metabolic age, bone mass and visceral fat. Each of those elements have its own range according to our gender, height and age and we are actually need to know our body current state or condition also instead of our regular medical check-ups.

Most people today are more concern only to their body weight. True, body weight is important to monitor. Changes of our body weight is because of our change in body fat, total body water and muscle mass based on those elements that I've mention before. These three elements took faster time to develop either increase or decrease the value. Which means, when we lose weight, we have to be sure that are we losing weight because of our body fat decrease or muscle mass decrease. The good one is when we decrease in our body fat, not muscle mass. It is not that body fat is not important, we still need body fat to adjust and regulate our body temperature but we have the range of how many percent of body fat we need.

As for water, we need to drink water everyday. Water here is plain water. Plain water means 'plain' one, not mineral. Why we need to drink water? The example is like this. You know the drain? When the drain around our house is dirty, we remove the stain with broom and water, a lot of water, right? What if we just use a small bowl of water? Did the drain get cleaned up? Now, imagine the drain is our intestine. Everyday we eat 3 times, normally breakfast, lunch and dinner. And each time we ate a lot but only drink a glass of water. How come we want to flush out those things? That's why there are people who go to the toilet to throw away their 'big one' 4 times a week, 2 times a week and the worst case is one time a week or even bad than that. Remember, leaving the 'garbage' inside our body too long can cause us sick because the toxic can spread out to infect other organ in our body and cost us more actually for the treatment. So, plain water, remember. If you can drink minimum of 3 liter of plain water per day is good enough. :)

So, in conclusion, know what is your body current condition and drink a lot of water. Know what you're eating so that you can maintain your health. Prevention is better that curing cause curing costs more. That's all for this post. Until then my friend. Chiow! :)

p/s : It's really hard to get really nutritional balanced food nowadays. Alhamdulillah, my family and I met Herbalife. :)

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