Thursday, July 12, 2012

I feel like typing and I typed

Assalamualaikum dear friends!

Have you had your shake today? By the way, hi! I hope all of you are in very good condition, Alhamdulillah. My wonderful journey continues on this planet earth which Allah have created for us, praise to Allah. Work, study, coaching people. And I missed my football, futsal, hockey and other sports.

First is about my ex-schoolmate (SMKSU), Afiq Ashril who is a pilot now and the other one is my ex-schoolmate's brother, Hakeem.Amazingly, both weights 100kg and above. I shared with them and both of them started the program. Program here meaning weight loss program. After 1 week, I went to meet Afiq. And guess what, he lost 1.7 kg in a week. Amazing aite? I was also supposed to meet Hakeem on the 7th day but he had some difficulties so I met him at his house in Kota Kemuning on the 10th day. Somehow, he also managed to lost 1.7 kg in just 10 days. Wonderful isn't it?

Okay, enough with the 100 kg. Another friend of mine also started the program, a couple. My friend, Saufi Afiq (SS19 SJ) and his fiancee, Shairah. Saufi don't weight much but still he has to lose about 10-15 kg. So do her fiancee. I just met them yesterday. on their 14th day, Saufi lost 3.6 kg and his fiancee lost 1.2 kg. These are just some of it. :)

What's important here is when you are in a program, you must by hook or by crook follow what your coach tell you. Do not go against it or you'll regret later. Please, please and please follow the program seriously but enjoy it. And plain water also plays big role. Drink a lot and you'll surely shrink to your ideal weight. Before I close this post, my junior in UMP, Asyraf Marzuki gained 5 kg in 2 months. Alhamdulillah, praise to Allah.

p/s : Let's start taking the shake for Ramadhan especially for sahur and berbuka. Who wish to lose some fats, want to be in shape and healthy. Call me now. Ask me how. +6012 257 0677