Thursday, July 26, 2012

Why You No Worry??

Hey you, why you no worry??  You should you know. The statistics looks scary isn't it? Example now, if I am walking around town, 8 or 9 out of 10 are fat or big in size. Fat is one case, fat and unhealthy, that's the worse. Why is it have to be like this? Can't we all live in a healthy lifestyle? Yes, we can. It is not wrong to be fat, but it's wrong for not taking care of our body carefully and to keep it fit and in shape. Latest I heard from my mom's customer, she's a nurse at a local hospital. She said that youngest diabetes patient is only 5 years old! Isn't it worry enough? How is it possible? Yes, it's possible. We cannot blame our parents, but we can blame our eating pattern. 

Most of us didn't take eating seriously. We just eat and eat and eat until we didn't even realize that we've grown bigger in size and unhealthy. Yes, it would not take 1 or 2 days or a month or two to see the results. The results will be shown in the next 5 to 10 years. Example like me last time. I was having a very bad lifestyle even though I'm not smoking or drinking those alcohol, because I'm a Muslim. Everyday my meal would be big portion of rice, one serving of chicken or meat and one serving of vegetable. Plus my favorite drink, iced Milo, yes, very delicious because of the milk especially. That's my meal every day for lunch sometimes dinner. Breakfast is like optional to me. My sleep pattern was bad, I slept at 3 or 4, wake up at 7 or 8. Means what? Not enough sleep. Because of the games and movies, you know, staying in college, have many free time, download latest movies and watched it. It's free though. It's takes me just one year to gain 10kg. Amazing isn't it? That was me before. It's all history now. 

It all changed since my mother keep pushing me to take the shake, well, I rejected it for the first one year because I'm not into all those kinds of sort of "supplements". That time my ignorance of health was as hard as rock. At last I surrendered because that time I was looking so sick. I just take the shake for two weeks, fully monitored by my mother, the results was amazing even though I was not so excited back then at first. But at least I can wear my jeans which I sized 34", it's good enough. Before it was 36". Of course I can wear smallest was M size that time, originally I wore XXL or XL like that. My health and energy became better, alhamdulillah.

My weight didn't changed much but my shape does. How did I notice it? When I went back to the college, my friend, Jemin, said to me that I looked slimmer. My head think this, "Is it??" It's a good sign, isn't it. So, from there onwards, I never stop taking my shake every day. Until now, entering my 4th years consuming the best food, daily balanced nutrition, Herbalife. Thank you Allah, Thank you Herbalife. Thank you my coach who is my mother and all my family for you support.And this is me, tadaaa...

It's all begin with a DECISION. It's all up to you and yourself. The key point here is that, please do take care of what you are eating. Eat healthy, live healthy. Make sure to drink enough water daily to keep your body hydrated. That's all for now. Thanks for reading. :)

**Herbalife is food and it does not claim to cure any sickness or diseases. It's only logic if we give our body good food, our body will react and repair itself.

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